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What is PHP Editor?

PHP Editor is a free application for those who use the PHP programming language.
PHP Editor is a program of the trial software category, program you can download for free through our website by clicking on the link free download which is below in this page.
PHP Editor is a very good software for those who are programming in php and also for those who are programming in other programming languages.
More useful information about the program PHP Editor and a link to download for free this program you will find clicking PHP Editor details »»
PHP Editor is a very good application for those who are programming in HTML, SQL, Java, JavaScript, XML, Perl, C + +, Python, CSS and other programming languages oriented to web.
With PHP Editor can create multiple projects at the same time, has a depurator of errors and can viewing the web pages in its browser that you can also use to navigate on the Internet.
PHP Editor has a well-built interface, that is intuitive and very easy to use, the menus are very well organized.
To download for free the software PHP Editor and to see what options are to download, go to the download page: Download for free PHP Editor »»

|| License: trial || Size: 6.08 mb || Developer's website: PHP Editor ||

How to use PHP Editor?

PHP Editor is an editor very easy to use and install, the PHP Editor interface is simple and intuitive and makes easy the use of the editor.
For more information about using the program PHP Editor, use the Help function, which is on the toolbar.
PHP Editor does not occupy much space on your hard disk and consumes very little system resources.
The download link will take you to the official website to download of the author.

How to install PHP Editor?

The installation of the program PHP Editor is easy to achieve, if the program is compressed in one of known formats (usually .rar or .zip) unzip the file first and then find the installer should be something like "instal.exe" or something with the extension ".exe" (usually there is only one icon, which is the installer and you have only to double click on).
From here is very simple just follow the installer instructions and accept the terms and conditions of use of the program.
The program is installed when the screen shows a window with the message of the end of the installation.
That I have described here is generally the way how to install a program, the installation may depend of other factors, but the most programs are installed following the above steps.

What operating systems are compatible and which are the minimum requirements for running the program PHP Editor?

PHP Editor works with Windows operating systems - Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 - works very well with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
* For use PHP Editor need a minimum:
Processor: 1 GHz Pentium|| Memory: 128 Mb of RAM|| Free disk space: 100 MB||
* It is recommended:
Processor: 2,3 GHz Pentium|| Memory: 2 Gb of RAM|| Free disk space: 2 GB||

What can you do with this program and what are the main features of PHP Editor?

The main features of PHP Editor are:

  • Integrated the PHP Manual;
  • Bookmarks text;
  • It has a small Web Server;
  • Interface easy to use, intuitive and customizable;
  • Text editor;
  • Templates;
  • Editor for programming languages: PHP, HTML, SQL, Java, JavaScript, XML, Perl, C++, Python, CSS;

How can you download and where to download PHP Editor?

To download the newest version of PHP Editor there are more possibilities.
The first and easiest method to download for free PHP Editor is to click on the download link of this page.
If you follow the download link you get to the download web page of the author, it is recommended that each time you download a program it is better to be downloaded from the official author website.
Just so you are sure you download the latest version of the program and going to download the original program and not a virus or another program that will endanger your computer and the information that is on the computer.
If the link does not work, you can use the author page link of the top of the description, or the information links of this page, so in this way you will get the latest version of PHP Editor.
For free download PHP Editor click on this link: Download PHP Editor for free »»


PHP Editor - criticize, opine, comment:
If you are a user of the PHP Editor program, experienced or inexperienced, and you want to leave your opinion about PHP Editor, this is the place to leave it!
Here you can evaluate, criticize or comment about anything that you think about the application.
PHP Editor - help, solutions to problems:
If you have problems with PHP Editor, of any kind, download, installation or use, ask for help!
Detailing well the problems that you find, do not forget to specify details about the computer - operating system, processor, memory - and from where you have downloaded PHP Editor, all details provided may be very useful for those who will try to help.
PHP Editor - collaborate:
But if you have experience with using of the PHP Editor application or you are an user who PHP Editor disappointed, if expecting more from this application and believe that the information on this page is insufficient, write a review, positive or critical, arguing your point of view, collaborating in this way with us and the users of this website to provide information that is more complete and more conformable with the reality.
PHP Editor - improvements:
If you find spelling, grammar or expression errors - we are not native speakers of English, erroneous or incomplete information, or several other mistakes, please point them to improve the quality of this page!
All comments will be manually reviewed before being published!
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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PHP Editor help and troubleshooting we offer online help to install, uninstall, how and where you can download PHP Editor how to use and for it used PHP Editor.
We also offer solutions and online help if you have questions about any issues that may occur during the installation or use of PHP Editor, for this go and leave a comment on our blog, where clearly explain the problems encountered, with all possible details, we will try to respond as quickly as possible.: PHP Editor help and troubleshooting. is not responsible for how you will use the information from this description, or how you will be using this program. informs that PHP Editor should be used in compliance with laws and intellectual property rules and the current Penal Code. We leave it to your discretion to determine whether this product or how you plan to use is legal. Do not approve or encourage in any way the use of any software in contravention with the laws in force. The purpose and intent of the site are limited only to provide information to users and nothing else.

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